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My work

My Projects

I work on several photography projects, each with an individual message. Check them out. You could be a part of them.

Your Projects

I’ll take pictures at your party, wedding, whatever you think should be captured in a photo forever. Just let me know what you want and we’ll make it happen.

Social Media

As someone who loves photography and getting one’s idea out in the world, social media is another field I work in. If you have social media channels and look for someone to take care of them, I might be just the right person for you.


About Me

I love what I do and I do what I love – at least I try to. That’s why photography is my way of choice, my art. I love to create it and I love to share it.

After several years of training – mostly by myself – I still discover new styles and forms. I’m mostly inspired by photographer Sanjay Parikh, both professional and personal. He also taught me some things about concert photography.

Besides that, I focus on variety. I love animal and zoo photography, portraits and projects with people, but also nature, plants, and street photography. I studied journalism so I could also provide you with some words for your pictures – or shoot you a video if you like.

I get inspired by traveling crazy places and going to tons of concerts of my favorite bands. I get inspired by meeting new people, by writing a blog and by spending time with my two cats and eight bunnies. So yeah, I got many things I like. And I like to work with them.

Some of my favorite topics

Pages that feature me

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