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I work on different photography projects for which I always look for new faces and people. If you’re interested in any of these, want to take part or have ideas about them or for new and different creative outbursts – feel free to let me know. Creativity is a process and sharing is the best way to keep it flowing.

Ways to support the projects

Project Booster

My project shoots are free. But that is also why I only have limited time to do these kinds of shoots. If you want to support my photography projects, you can buy as many of these boosters as you want. PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to buy a booster in order to get a project shoot and you also don’t have to do a shoot if you want to support my projects by buying a booster. This is purely to keep my projects running. Buying a booster will NOT guarantee you a shoot. You can use the contact form or any of my social media channels to book a project shoot.

5,00 €

You can also support the projects by donating gear, props and clothes. Some ideas are on this list.


Blossoming is about your truest self. It is about beauty and its many many ways of showing. It is also about uniqueness and all of us being connected – by being human.

The orchid represents this connection. At the same time, it comes in all kinds of different shapes and colors. Just like we do. During the shoot, the only rule there is: Include the orchid. Everything else is completele up to you. This is your stage to present yourself the way you want to. This is purely about you as a human being in this wonderful world full of wonderful people.

The Warrior Project

The Warrior Project is about strength. It’s about confidence. It’s about fighting back. I want you to see that you can be a warrior. That you ARE a warrior. Every day of your life. You fight your way through the day, even if it sucks. You fight for your rights. You fight for what you want, for what you love. You are strong, confident, gorgeous. A queen, a king.

The project is also deeply connected to nature. To peace, freedom, calm. Because I believe if you’re surrounded by all of this, you will truly fall in love with yourself, find all your hidden sides, your inner strength and confidence. This project is not about violence. It is about knowing – or finding out – that you can do whatever it is you want to do, that you can reach what you want to reach, that you are a fighter and that you will never be defeated.

Everyone’s warrior-self is different. I will do your hair and make up the way you want it. I’ll find a way that channels that inner warrior. We can go wild, put in black, white, red, purple, fake blood, dark lipstick – the possibilities are endless. Your warrior can be a viking, a witch, a goth queen or anything you want it to be. It’s all up to you. We’ll find that one style that represents your inner strength in the best possible way. Just trust your own gut.

And one more thing: We are all scared. We fear. We feel weak. This shooting can make you feel a little insecure in the beginning. Maybe you feel like you look ridiculous. This is NOT true. We all know how you feel and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable in the situation. Because we’ve all been there. And you are all beautiful. So just shoot me a message and we’ll talk about how to do this. Just try it. Even if you don’t feel like this is your thing. ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel like this is your thing. I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself.

You are a warrior.

(Un)natural // Un(natural)

This portrait project is about how we feel natural or rather unnatural, what that means to different people and how we mirror these concepts in our life.

I first wanted to make this a set of pairs, but three steps seemed more realistic. So the first part is always a completely natural picture. I want the people to be nothing but themselves. If they feel happy, they can smile. If they feel uncomfortable in the shooting situation, it’s perfectly fine to let that show. I want them the way they are.

In the second picture, they show me a more made up version of themselves. More unnatural. This can be completely wild already or just a little more than the first one. I’m not doing the make up unless you really want this. Because this is only about your vision of these two concepts.

The third picture mirrors the person’s idea of unnatural. This can be more or less extreme, full on make up, a costume, contact lenses, crazy hair. It’s totally up to you.

I’m doing this indoor with a black background because the focus is on the person. It can feel a little off in the beginning because you have to focus on your face and upper body only, have nothing else to interact with and the pictures are all close ups. But I’ll create a safe atmosphere. You can try out different looks and emotions, different faces and poses. We’ll get that awesome shot and you can totally do that. Don’t worry.

Let’s do this together.

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