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While other photographers often focus on one type of shoot, I offer a range of related but different options. The reason for this is very simple: I don't want to limit you and me.

To assure the quality is always great and you get the pictures you want, I have worked in all these areas for years, have improved my style and educated myself .

How does a shoot work?

First of all, you decide on the shoot that suits you best. Book an appointment or send me an e-mail with the day and time you want to shoot.

Then we discuss details such as location, posing ideas from your side and any questions you have in advance. I'm also happy to advise you on your outfit, hair and make-up.


Of course, the main goal is that you have wonderful pictures at the end. But it's also very important to me that you feel comfortable and have fun - especially if you don't (yet) have much experience in front of the camera.

I guarantee you, I'll do everything I can to make the whole experience a great memory for you. And at the end you have photos that you'll love.

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