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I love what I do and I do what I love - that's really not an empty phrase for me. Photography is my path of choice, my art. I love creating it and I love sharing it.

After a few years of training - at university as a photojournalist and as a photographer at shoots and concerts - I'm still discovering new styles and shapes. That's why you will find various offers on my site: from portraits and couple photos to fantasy and cosplay shoots. And I can proudly say that I'm giving you great results in all of these areas.

I focus on diversity and exceptionality. I like to create a mood, a bigger picture. I also want people to feel comfortable in front of the camera. After all, it's my job to make them look good and it's my job to make them feel safe.

I studied journalism at the TU Dortmund. I now teach photography and photojournalism there in workshops and seminars.

I like to get my inspiration while traveling or at concerts. I am inspired by my two cats and thirteen rabbits, music and other art. I like a lot of things - and I love working with them!

What else do I do?

Interview with Felix Koltermann about photography and journalism

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